Ian Antonio Patterson - English Coach Podcast - Living the Language #37

Affirmation – My Commitment to My Listeners: #37

Episode 37 – The English Coach Podcast takes my usual relaxed accessible human approach to your learning experience – and offers you immersion into the language – into real things and real personalities – from wherever you are.

Shownotes: English Coach Podcast – Living the Language

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Showguest: Ian Antonio Patterson

So what’s in it for you?!

For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Ian Antonio Patterson, host and producer of the show, and I have been a Language Trainer of Adults in Berlin – to date for well over a decade. I do a few other things too – but within this context my specialization is English for Work – the real stuff.

“Living the Language” means that my first mission here is to help my people – present and past course participants – and anyone else who just likes the show. The goal is to help you to keep the language skills you’ve learned – to keep you engaged with a little information and entertainment. I invite everyone to subscribe to the show – because “Living the Language” also means – that the topics are about real everyday human interaction – things that affect all of us.

The Show is self-sponsored and independent. It’s not as staged as you might expect. I – am myself for example a real living breathing person talking to you right now – not a façade, or someone else’s mouthpiece. In so being – today – authenticity is a given – and this rather organic approach helps the show to preserve its own freedom to evolve. Still – to each his own – and who knows what the future holds – Should however this show become “that” way – then I will be the first to tell you.

If this more human approach – which also speaks to a kind of democratization of the learning experience – as I like to call it – also mean something to you. If you are more motivated by more meaningful – human interactions – more interested in progress – rather than someone else’s sometimes – somewhat pretentious notions of perfection – then you are more than welcome subscribe.

The English Coach Podcast welcomes a diversity of guests from all walks of life, and in so doing – celebrates a quality of equality that I value. The inclusiveness of the English Coach Podcast speaks for itself, and fosters what I like to call an International Standard of English – keyword clarity.

I also respect the privacy or better said the sovereignty and choice – of all my listeners. This podcast neither tracks or stalks its listeners online – nor trades in their user data. I like to be clear on that – especially these days – This shows commitment not to spying on you holds true – regardless of the country from which you are listening.

Now speaking of choice – there are many ways to take active interest in your own learning journey. You can simply subscribe via your favourite podcast App, or sign up to receive the ShowNotes and more directly by email? Why join my Listeners’ Group? All these possibilities are listed for you at www.TrainingTree.de/mobile also in the ShowNotes – of all of the most recently published episodes.

As a Trainer – naturally there’s also the occasional mini-lesson – but for the most part there is somewhere else for that. If you are interested in formal lessons – visit my website www.TrainingTree.de and ask about training by using the contact form. You would be surprised at the different – somewhat unexpected approaches to immersive and action based Adult Learning – Now this is me, you know who I am. Interested in training – simply ask.

If however you are only interested in a learning journey that takes a step out of the classroom – and into real life. Out of drudgery and sometimes monotonous drill of abstract grammar puzzles and vocabulary lists – just subscribe to the show for starters – at www.TrainingTree.de/mobile OR www.EnglishCoachPodcast.com.

I am looking forward to hearing from you – and bye for now.

Sustainable Language Acquisition = Nachhaltiger Spracherwerb.

Show Host: Ian Antonio Patterson