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Conversations with Olga Miller – Problem Solving, Engineering, Self-confidence, Safe-spaces, The Act of Dance #04

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Problem Solving, Engineering, Self-confidence, Safe-spaces, The Act of Dance – The Lived Experience

featured Guest: Olga Miller

The Lived Experience – featuring Olga Miller We talk about:  Using an unconventional language to express what you want to express. Approaching problem solving in an unconventional way and achieving transformation of sorts, by treading the road less traveled. Building self-confidence and learning how to create something meaningful, in spite of fears of what you might see as your own shortcomings. Stage fright – Coming to terms with fear and channeling the energy of it in such a way that it serves you. Improvisation – the positive effects of claiming the freedom to dance with the language. The advantages of not taking yourself so seriously and of simply trying something out. The benefits of placing yourself also within also ‘fun places of influence’ or ‘safe spaces’ where you can try out your skills, and to develop your skills in a risk-free environment. The tangible effects of Formal as compared with Informal approaches to adult education. 

With a small win is always a good way to begin…

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