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How will we facilitate the process at scale?

How will we actually deliver education online – for instance – also for tactile – hands-on disciplines such as the performing arts?

How can we learn from the experience of others? As a Trainer or Coach, how to build rapport in this new scheme of things?

What are the now even more pressing implications – and how does what I’ve always called “this fresh and exciting democratization of the learning experience” also play a part?

What are some of the more positive aspects about this new paradigm within which we’ve all found ourselves?

Will it again be the same old wisdom – founded on humanity, shared interests and inclusiveness – focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses – that again takes us forward in this trying time?

Philip Clarke

Dance became his first love and formed a core of his being in his approach to the performing arts.

Philip preaches that nobody is one-dimensional and there are many facets to our wonderfully made being. He has over twenty (20) years’ experience as a trained teacher who tutored oral communication, English language and literature, communication studies, public speaking, public relations, dance choreography and drama. 

His professional acting HAS earned him an Actor Boy award from the International Theatre Institute for Best Supporting Actor in 2010 and during his leadership as President of the Western Knights Toastmasters Club, he represented Jamaica in the Toastmasters International Regional Evaluation contest in Puerto Rico, where he won the award for Best Evaluator of a Speech in 2013.

Philip has distinguished himself as a Performance Coach who trains singers, poets, speakers, DJs or actors to enhance their stage performance. He has a passion for young entertainers who he believes need to be trained in the art of performance, communication, songwriting and sound engineering. 

Currently he is the Director of Arts and Culture at the University of Technology, Jamaica  and, believes he is still a work in progress so his mantra is be who you truly are by owning your story.

Surviving-it Series

With a small win is always a good way to begin…

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