Reflective on self education #11

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I couldn’t help but notice that you have already started to react most to the story telling element of this Podcast based of course, on the episodes listened to, downloaded and shared most to date. Thank you for that. Now, truth be told, I am not a professional story teller. Your feedback, according to my expectations at least – shouldn’t really be based on interest in my standard bla-bla about myself, I was expecting more questions about your learning experience…. Life is however full of paradoxes, contradictions, juxtapositions, contrasts and duplicities – however you might choose to put it – things might change.  And since this whole initiative is still intended to focus on learning experience, for what it’s, worth I’ll run with that – albeit unexpected interest based on the feedback I’ve received from you.

After getting to episode 10, I am at any rate compelled to reflect, on what I am doing and why.

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The frame is the same. As you all know by now, I teach English for work – under separate cover. This here is what I like to call spoken word media, made with you in mind, meaning that I am doing this to serve my community of learners, a more relaxed space – where we both give ourselves permission to relax a little and dance with the language…

The English Coach Podcast is still freely available to everyone yes, but it is not an attempt to be everything for everybody. I have tried that before and failed by my own standards. I like to call this a fresh and exciting democratization of the learning experience, because you are encouraged all the time to choose your own sources of learning. You get to make suggestions of what you would like to hear if you want – and I get to keep my own creative freedom to essentially do whatever I want. That way both of us get to affect how the show develops through dialog – which involves your feedback and my working with your feedback as it comes.

There are many things about this podcast initiative that are counter-intuitive – such as the free part. That aspect has already been met with skepticism and its fair amount of cynicism – it’s human.  Still as I reflect on these things today, the three main causes that drive this initiative are still very clear to me.  One of which is something that I mention quite often – “the democratization of the learning experience”. This ties in directly to the notion of self-education. Maybe I build on this this story telling aspect some more – with an introduction to another one of my own self-education experiences.

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