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Today we look at prepositions. These little words can cause a lot of confusion, particularly due to the fact that in this regard, there are perhaps as many rules as there are so many exceptions. This general tendency is typical of other grammar rules as well, and is in itself not necessarily a bad thing. Some even say; that this might be part of the reason at least why the English Language has become such a prolific and functional international language. I’m not entirely sure about that. Still, for today, I’ll invite you to be gentle to yourselves, to relax a little about the rules – if only for this last episode – of season 1.

Well again – welcome to this episode 16 of the English Coach Podcast and the last in Season 1. Where I attempt to add a splash of colour and life to your learning experience – by inviting you to live the language. Where it’s all about learning to dance with the language. Where learning doesn’t have to feel like work. And where I help you to help yourself – not only to learn – but also to hold on to the things that you’ve learned.

It’s ok to strive to be a purist in a language that is not your native tongue, and deeply concerned with rules – in this paradigm however I suspect that purists speak mostly to rules – we speak to people.

The second tip that will help you to be correct most of the time is that you are better off learning prepositions together with the words surrounding them. Learn them as collocations – which are groups of words that are normally used together.

Now – Prepositions are little words that are normally placed directly in front of nouns or pronouns. They help to give information about the logical relationship between the noun or pronoun and the rest of the sentence – in terms of position, space, direction, sequence etc.

My learned friend #SybilleVonSpitzen would perhaps dig deeper and ‘get META’ on this, by mentioning things like the Latin origin of the word – it’s counterpart the ‘postposition’ – prepositional phrases and the wonders of the ‘adverbial prose’. Nothing is wrong with wanting to dig deeper – deeper into the “META zone” together with Sybille von Spitzen. Today however, for those of us who want to dig deeper, I will move to give due respect to her words and her sentiments by borrowing only two of them namely ‘google it’ – and give you some pragmatic stuff – today – that  you can use now.

With a small win is always a good way to begin…

With a small win – is always a good way to begin. Ok then, we’ve come to the end of this episode 16 of the English Coach Podcast – and the end of season one. Who knows what the future will bring – some things will perhaps change – however the goal is the same, still doing this chiefly for my people – present and past course participants. It’s available nonetheless – to everyone. Feel free to check out the shownotes for this episode at (here=).

Like it if you like it and if you don’t,  lie to me – just kidding – but still feel free to share it with a friend, post a rating, or better yet send me some feedback  – this will all help it to help you  –  as it is intended to do. To be honest, praise is not what I am looking for, I’m looking for feedback that will help the show develop.

So then, subscribe if you feel like – so you know when there’s a new episode available. Thanks for listening, looking forward to hearing from you, and. bye for now.

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