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As of February 16, 2022

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For a long time I have opted to actively encourage “my people” to also listen to the episodes directly from the showpages here. Naturally as a creator, I also have interest in you visiting my official pages – not only for selfish reasons. There is really no need to download 3rd party apps.

On authenticity and integrity

“As an independent podcaster, it is important to me personally – to resist being co-opted – into anyone else’s adds driven paradigm, and all other stealthy violations of your privacy and mine. The English Coach Podcast has a duty of care to protect the integrity of its own content. Some Apps unfortunately do not share the same values. My episodes neither feature nor support unsolicited ad insertion by any third party and assumes no responsibility for ap generated automatic transcripts or the like. If you listen to this episode and suddenly find yourself – being bombarded by third party ads, maybe you should consider changing your app.

You are of course free to listen, follow or subscribe to the show from anywhere you like to listen to podcasts. It’s everywhere. From the official showpages however, you can see a list of recommended apps or if you choose enjoy all the content at the same place – ad free – the way it was meant to be.”


The status quo as it relates to the plundering of creators’ work for ads-based profiteering is not only a corruption of my content, but also a violation of “digital-self” – to an extent I suspect – way ahead of, and still unfathomed by modern laws. The cost for coolness and convenience at the cost of being at the mercy of big tech. I am also affected. Nobody should get that rich – to amass the wealth of nations – unless they are allowed to extract taxes – and in some ways they do – building advertising emporiums atop the blood, sweat, tears and burnout of creators – people – themselves puppeted by the promise of exposure – stars, likes, useless traffic, and crumbs. I digress…

On web-stalking

The following has always been clearly published in show description.

..this podcast neither tracks, nor stalks its users (host’s assurance). No self-sanctioned ad-insertion or attribution, no user data sharing with 3rd parties anywhere..


It is now rumoured that F-book aka META, is in fine Russian style threatening to pull out of Europe, because GPDR among other things does not allow them to follow their usual web stalking practices.

F-book is not alone. Google is phasing out the cookie – to the terror of many other “ads driven paradigms”. Podcasting apps usually do not offer opt in, and for this reason I recommend only a few – especially the Overcast App – which tells you at least, which podcast are collecting, and / or possibly trading in your user data.

Most people don’t think too much of these things, until asked:

Who is interested in the sites you are visiting, the apps you use?”

“Who is interested in the fact that you are listening to podcasts about conceiving a child?”

“Who is interested in the fact that you visit sites on mental-health, drugs, div. adult content, working with the competition?”

“Why didn’t you get the last job you applied for even though you were obviously the best candidate?”

English Coach Podcast - www.TrainingTree.de - FlyCalledFred

(= the #FlyCalledFred might be interested =)

On diversity and inclusion

The following has on numerous occasions been clearly published in my shownotes.

..The English Coach Podcast – never intentionally takes a prescriptive, patronizing, or condescending stance to the adult learning experience, but is rather driven by inclusiveness – of people, approaches, personal experiences thoughts and ideas.


Everybody is talking about diversity and inclusion these days – as though talk alone saves the day when confronted with questions as to what privileges are readily given up.

As a member of a real minority, my goal has never been to fight for ownership of “the biggest pain” or to sing songs of the same. I [do] diversity and inclusion not only [speak] about it, and I encourage anyone who feels excluded from any stage to make their own. I know what discrimination and exclusion are and I have without a doubt been affected by their (sometimes unconsciously) creeping, cowardly and insideous nature.

In spite of it all – I am lucky enough to be able to say that I have indeed met a great many good people… I surround myself with them, and make this show also for them. And I feel bad for them when encounter all qualities of contemptuous tokenism and outright disingenuousness in the media.

The media (of which we are all a part, and the sometimes-forgotten 4th pillar of a healthy democracy) hardly ever says – but tells in no uncertain terms – to anyone capable of the smallest reflective thought beyond the facade – that most people and organisations don’t really have time to care – and are mostly busy spewing meaningless buzz-words, chasing cheap meat and fashion.

In our collective pursuit of happiness, that – together with the knowledge that power takes care of itself first – will set us free.

Diversity and Inclusion - English Coach Podcast - Living the Language - www.TrainingTree.de
on diversity and inclusion

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The English Coach Podcast – never intentionally takes a prescriptive, patronizing, or condescending stance to the adult learning experience, but is rather driven by inclusiveness – of people, approaches, personal experiences thoughts and ideas. This show episode is neither a formal lesson nor a substitute for such but aims to supplement the adult learning experience in a true-to-life way. The show is independent and self-sponsored – brought to you by me – a practicing language Trainer / Coach – and draws on a whole gamut of tools and tips in support of providing information, entertainment and what I like to call sustainable language acquisition in an authentic, relatable, and vastly collaborative – human way.

English Coach Podcast – Living the Language – iAntonio

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