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Episode 22 SURVIVING it – Unexpected Positives arising from the current situation – as at April 2020.

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Seit mehr als 15 Jahren arbeitet er als Fotograf. Seine Leidenschaft für innovative Themen, lebendige Reportagen und aussagekräftige Porträts sind Kern seines Antriebs und erlaubt es ihm, für Auftraggeber aus Kultur, Politik und Wirtschaft visuell gestaltend tätig zu werden.

Today’s guest is truly a man of many talents, and a friend of mine. In Today’s conversation we merely approach the depths. The limits of the few lines shared here in this forum would never be enough. Be sure to check out the works at for a deeper feel.

Surviving-it Series

With a small win is always a good way to begin…

This is yet another trailer episode – 22 – of the English Coach Podcast. It is intended to help to enrich the whole learning experience of my participants.  Deliberately personal – the Podcast-initiative offers tips and tools and insights into real true-to-life success stories, and articulates my ongoing commitment to a more inclusive, accessible, pragmatic, honest approach to the whole adult learning experience. I invite you to give meaning to the things you think about the show – by sharing it in the comments or by using the feedback form – here.
the realness – special feature – courtesy of alexander klebe

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