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With a small win is always a good way to begin – Listeners Speak #17

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Listeners Speak

The following is a transcript of the above episode 17. Listeners were invited to send in mp3 files of their authentic unscripted feedback for inclusion in the show. This option is open to anyone who wishes to share and give meaning to their sentiments on the show. Voice is of course only published with the expressed permission of all contributors.

Christian speaks

Das war ein bisschen Rückmeldung von drüben in Dresden. Christian, ich habe die Absicht, weiterzumachen – und genau diese Art von Feedback macht es für mich – und hoffentlich auch für andere erfüllend. Es hilft mir, eine bessere Vorstellung davon zu bekommen, was genau für meine Zuhörer funktioniert. Nochmals vielen Dank.

Heute in dieser Trailer-Episode 17 teile ich sozusagen die Bühne mit einigen meiner Zuhörer. Ich werde ein paar Audio-Feedbacks, die sie mit mir über die erste Staffel geteilt haben, mit Euch teilen.

Ok that was my German for you. Now, that was actually a bit of feedback from all the way over there in Dresden. Christian, I have to do this in English so I just wanna say, I do intend to continue – and this is exactly this kind of feedback that makes it all fulfilling for me, and hopefully for others too. It helps me to get an even better idea of what works for my listeners.
Thanks again. In today’s Trailer Episode 17, I share the stage so to speak, with some of my listeners – sharing some of their feedback that I received on season one from them – with you.


So then, without further ado, welcome to another Episode of the English Coach Podcast, where I attempt to add a splash of colour and life to your learning experience – by inviting you to live the language. Now, as you might know by now – this is where I also give myself permission, to take a little more relaxed, accessible, human approach. I want you to take the same approach – give meaning to the things you think – by sharing it.

I know that there are some opinions out there – positive and negative – come on now don’t be shy.  Let’s be clear about one thing going forward, even though I have managed to complete season one, I am still not any kind of professional podcaster here. This is why I need your feedback. I’m only now, just learning the ropes. The Podcast is still independent, unpretentious, free work – so I’m really not that sensitive. So just bring it on – all comments on the show are welcome – as long as they are basically constructive.

Christoph speaks

Now on this episode 17, which is still a trailer episode in preparation for Season two, my job here today is to just share a little feedback with you, you know some of the things that other listeners have to say. And probably also discuss a little bit on how I plan to work with that feedback.

I appreciate what Christian said, I think it was it was well balanced feedback that tells me that I am doing something right. I met Christian quite a long time ago, I think it was probably – about 16 years ago to be exact – when I was studying at Viadrina in lovely Frankfurt Oder. It’s only now that we recently hooked up again on Facebook. And I kind of attacked him with my podcast offering – “you know you just have to listen to this this is the latest thing that I’m doing these days and I need your feedback.” I also asked him to give me his feedback via mp3 and he just did it – and it was fantastic, thanks again man.  From the feedback that I got – he also confirmed some things that I hold true – such as the fact that learning never ends, and that although we sometimes love to hate facebook the most – it’s actually not such a bad tool for reaching out sharing something good and you know just staying connected. 

Christoph’s feedback was funnily flattering in unexpected ways. He is a past course participant – and no – he didn’t fall asleep in class. On the contrary – he was one of the more engaged learners who did very well. His feedback also confirms that I am doing something right. I shall not change my microphone, or my recording or editing techniques. Instead I will try to be a little more aware of the effect that my voice has – on some of listeners. That can be seen in a negative way or in a positive way – if my voice induces a kind of relaxed state – that also causes learning to happen – that’s exactly what I want… The ideal learning state it’s described and as we’ve all heard of – is not only the child state, but also a relaxed state. So if it works for you Christoph, all power to you, and hopefully it works the same way for other people as well. Thank you for the honesty Christoph – over there in Kassel – as I said, I will try to be a little more aware of that effect and try to modulate accordingly. 

Myra speaks

Season two of the English Coach Podcast is now in production – and is scheduled for release in May of 2020. As a listener, this really is all about you – no joke about it. If all of this means anything to you – and you do find the time – feel free to help to shape the format and content for season 2. Take all of March and April to gather your thoughts – note them down for me and check out my feedback options available to you at – feedback.EnglishCoachPodcast.com/ – looking forward to hearing from you too.

Myra shared her feedback with us from all the way in Manila – Capital of the Philippines.

Myra appears to have honoured my claim – of offering a certain – humanness in this personal approach to Podcasting and to the Adult Learning Experience, and in so doing called an even larger calling to action – one that speaks to “humanity”. This “fresh and exciting democratisation of the learning experience” – of which I do speak from the very first Episode 1, in Episode 10, in Episode 11 –  and in numerous articles that I’ve written – is definitely an approach that touches on the higher values humanity, it touches on notions of equality through equal access to knowledge and the sharing of knowledge.

Thank you Myra for recognising and also in a way validating a larger purpose.

Myra is an esteemed graduate of European and African Studies – with an international career under her belt and her feet firmly placed on the ground. This feedback from her definitely means a lot. I only hope that more people can also recognise the practical benefits of this approach to learning with independent media, that also keeps them independent to do other things at the same time – like gardening or cooking at home – while commuting or while having lunch alone at work.    

Today’s a trailer Episode 17 mostly featuring the audio feedback that was sent in leading up to the launch of season 2.  There was however also some written feedback too that I got from one – Karina in Berlin that ties in directly with what Myra said about freedom to multitask while using the content. So I’ll make quick mention. Karina said that she listens and I quote “after dinner or after the baby has gone to bed, OR – while playing a game which doesn’t need any brainpower.”

That’s convenience and adaptability for you.

In addition to saying that – I suppose after listening to the very popular Episode 14, she said that she didn’t recognise that: That it could in fact – actually be against company policy to use online translators due to privacy issues. So I’d invite you to give a listen to episode 14 as well. Karina she says that: School English alone is not suitable for real life, and that she is not the only one who feels that way….

So again, while the English Coach Podcast never pretends to be any kind of perfect substitute to your preferred or prescribed learning experience – it plays very well – as a viable supplement to your whole learning Experience.

One that you can easily integrate into your everyday life – and listen whenever you want.

Doreen speaks

Doreen is a young mother of a lovely son, and she’s employed in industry. She’s also a past course participant of mine. I love to talk about the fact that who I am really doing this for is my people – reason being that I’ve already tried to be everything for everybody and failed by my own standards.  Doreen’s feedback clearly tells me that I should keep on doing what it is that I am doing, exactly the way that I’m doing it – well maybe with a few improvements.  

Thank you Doreen.

As I’ve said on previous occasions I can’t say for sure how long this initiative will continue, a lot of it depends on the feedback that I get from you. At any rate, this whole initiative – all of season one, together with everything planned the upcoming season 2 – has never been about someone else’s notion of perfection – but about progress, practicality – for normal people, with names and normal faces – tools and tips that work – and it is comforting to know that Doreen for one has identified this Podcast offering – as something that can help her improve going forward.

With a small win is always a good way to begin…

Feel free to check out the shownotes for this episode at www.trainingtree.de/podcast.

Like it if you like it and if you don’t,  lie to me =) but still  – feel free to share it with a friend, post a rating, or better yet – give meaning to the things you think about the show, by using the feedback form to tell me personally what you think – this will all help it to help you – as it is intended to do. Subscribe only if you feel like – so you know when there’s a new episode available.

Thanks for listening, looking forward to hearing from you – and

bye for now =)

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