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Token of Gratitude: #39

Episode 39 – It is December 2020, and the crisis has to date brought all of us to the limits, shook us to the core – and even called our very world views into question. While ever mindful of the pain and suffering that the current circumstances have caused for many of us – there are indeed a great many lessons to be learnt. Today’s show is about gratitude to people. It’s about acknowledging the humanness, the vulnerabilities, the creativity and the contributions of people.

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Shownotes: English Coach Podcast – Living the Language

Showguest: Andy Beck

The People

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So what’s in it for you?!

This episode is about Gratitude – Appreciation for Supporters.

My overarching context for this episode 39, for the previous episode, as well as for the following 40 and 41, will not be weighted with theory and abstractions essentially to no avail – but tangibly entail those very  real human aspects – that speak to face and name.

We’ve finally begun to accept the reach – the depth and breadth that online engagement offers – together with the pitfalls.

In the midst of these changes however, as we the creators, trainers, teachers, coaches, -developers, artists, the people who have always known this potential – are finally being leant a well-deserved token of acknowledgement – or legitimacy as you like. Again, we have ourselves also brought to the human limits of what some would call a much more intense “1s and 0s paradigm”. From the limits of my context today – my own experience and world view as independent artist, trainer, coach, creator – I know, that it’s exactly that human element, the relational quality, “das kleine gewisse Etwas – wie wir auf Deutsch immer so sagen” –  that now threatens to be critically lacking. We can get all scientific on this in another show perhaps – but as a past professor once said to me personally – there are other ways of knowing.

Metaphorically speaking,  as I always say, there is a lot between 1 and 0 – and until we first learn to fathom and negotiate that chasm – let it be known, that this independent show for one – not only embraces a quality of inclusiveness equality – but also as always take my usual relaxed accessible human approach – to your learning experience.

Sustainable Language Acquisition = Nachhaltiger Spracherwerb.

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Ian Antonio Patterson - English Coach Podcast - Living the Language
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