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Beginner’s Best Choice #57

This extra special episode was made for my people – present and past course participants, and anyone else who just likes the show – more on that later – but today particularly – I am reaching out to my listeners in Berlin und Brandenburg – who are interested in enhancing their English Language Skills, and overall learning experience with a little more than abstract vocabulary lists and grammar puzzles.

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This episode is an introduction to the main event which is – a Film of the same name – “Episode 57 – Beginner’s Best Choice” – scheduled for release in November 2021 >>> If you also want to be notified and be among the first to see it – feel free to sign-up to join the Private-Listeners’-Group or revisit this page – Film overview / themes.

Beginner’s Best Choice (film) featuring E.P. Heck

published 24.11.2021

Showguest: Eberhard Philipp Heck

Our guest for the Feature Film – is as real as real gets – and is himself a photography enthusiast – of the same Pentax persuasion as me. Berliner, Lawyer, Educator, Officer, Photographer and friend of mine Eberhard Philipp Heck… Philipp is a German national, a competent, and sometimes rather charismatic speaker of the English Language – even on the technical bits. We have been in contact for years, and the topic has on most levels always been the same – Pentax lenses. 

This one celebrates – for want of a more authentic word – authenticity =) and exemplifies – an accessible, inclusive approach to learning – DIY, personal-experience and choice, and what I’ve always called ‘this fresh and exciting democratisation of the learning experience‘. Episode 57 – Beginner’s Best Choice – is in so being an embodiment of the very values and attitudes that inspired this podcast in the first place.

Topics discussed

  1. The pentaxians forum
  2. Interested persons
  3. Braving the technical language – multilingually
  4. Who I am doing this for
  5. Purpose: Sustainable Language Acquisition
  6. Eberhard: The Skilled Armature Craftsman approaching the arts, Officer, Lawyer
  7. Choice of the brand
  8. History and tradition
  9. Quality of humility and purpose
  10. Focus on quality and reasonable pricing over bells and whistles
  11. Using photography (and other free time activities) to support training activities
  12. Why Eberhard started with the 50mm
  13. Production advantages and effect on cost and accessibility
  14. First comparison of telephoto and zoom lenses with the 50mm
  15. Superb explanation of what we call a fast lens
  16. F-stops, light and depth of field
  17. Separation of subject from the background
  18. Application for sports and other fast action
  19. Fast lens for stage photography
  20. Low light capability and freezing action
  21. Conversing on claims regarding natural human angle of view
  22. Comparison with super-wide fish-eye lens
  23. Comparison with medium format 645z system
  24. Extension rings for extending versatility and value as a macro-lens
  25. Personal favourite
  26. Prime advantage – over a zoom lens
  27. Disadvantage of the 50mm for wide angle applications (in-house photography)
  28. 645 Dreams” and goals – and the forgiving nature of the 50mm
  29. Support group
  30. Using the manual versions
  31. The language focus – translations


Special shoutout to my people, present and past course participants, guests – and everyone else who just likes the show. To Andreas – the man of music (cello music to be exact), Katrin who has just joined the ranks, Anna and Claudia the two French ladies, and Oliver for helping me with a bit of narrative for this episode.

A Big shoutout also to all my German listeners especially those in Berlin und Brandenburg – the listenership in Germany has overtaken the folks in India again – over the past two months, and Episode 56 with Andy has so far enjoyed the most downloads for a single episode ever – closely followed by Episode 55 with Anja from „FrolleinFlow – Institute für kreative Flaneure“. And last but not least the episodes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 15 with Olga, Lydia, Pia and Said El Amir (of JomDance) – are fresh favourites among my course participants. Thanks to all of you.


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The English Coach Podcast – never intentionally takes a prescriptive, patronizing, or condescending stance to the adult learning experience, but is rather driven by inclusiveness – of people, approaches, personal experiences thoughts and ideas. This show episode is neither a formal lesson nor a substitute for such but aims to supplement the adult learning experience in a true-to-life way. The show is independent and self-sponsored – brought to you by me – a practicing language Trainer / Coach – and draws on a whole gamut of tools and tips in support of providing information, entertainment and what I like to call sustainable language acquisition in an authentic, relatable, and vastly collaborative – human way.

English Coach Podcast – Living the Language – iAntonio

Thanks for listening, looking forward to hearing from you and bye for now. 

Ian Antonio Patterson – ShowHost

Sustainable Language Acquisition = Nachhaltiger Spracherwerb.

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