English Coach Podcast - Living the Language - Episode 83

English Fluency, Ai, Art and the Democratisation of the Learning Experience: #83

Some of the things that make the essential difference, as we approach achieving a well-grounded feeling of confidence, sovereignty, and fluency using a foreign language. The episode today, in and of itself will show you, one way that uniquely defines the authentic lived human experience, as opposed to the artificial one.

English Coach Podcast - Living the Language - Episode 81

The Devilish Child

How can your story stand out against that of the typical everyday influencer, and do you want that at all? What are the benefits and value of expressing your own voice humbly as it may – within a public forum? who is this proverbial devilish child?

The Politics of Dignity #76

The Politics of Dignity #76 – English Coach Podcast – Living the Language – Featuring Anna Royon-Weigelt. Ian Antonio Patterson,

Episode 72 Cover Image: The Scoop. Ian Antonio Patterson - English Coach Podcast - Living the Language

72 The Scoop

Formal vs. Informal Language, US vs. UK Standard, Multi-tasking, Work-life-balance; do they matter or even exist?

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Moment #63

A slightly disruptive, though comforting, affirmative conversation on the recurrent nature of moment – in that in their passing all is not lost.

Cover Art for Episode 58 - English Coach Podcast

Being Sybille – Show and Tell #58

Episode 58 is about: (1) testing out the video podcasting format, (2) showing a little about how I work as a podcaster and an online trainer, (3) introducing a small video production “Being Sybille”. I also talk a little about what it means to be an #IndependentPodcaster, truly owning your content as a creator, and playing a meaningful part of being the curator of your own story.

English-Coach-Podcast-Living-The-Language-Episode-54 - Ian Antonio Patterson

Why i Do It #54

Episode 54 – of the English Coach Podcast takes yet another playful authentic approach. Today’s episode is published in celebration More…

English-Coach-Podcast-Living-The-Language-Episode-53 - Ian Antonio Patterson

Meeting in the Body #53

Episode 53 – of the English Coach Podcast takes a playful authentic approach. As a Trainer and Coach of English More…

Farida Bissinger - English Coach Podcast - Living the Language #34

The Calling: Part 1 #34

Episode 34 – Trailer Episode. These Conversations with Farida, started in December of 2017 and have matured, to truly reflect More…

DIY English

| Trainer oder Coach | Selbsterfahrung | Was funktioniert | Podcast – Sendung | Müssen Sie unbedingt einen langfristigen Englisch-Trainer More…