Class Participant Speaks: Methodology Feedback and Self-Censorship #46

Class Participant Speaks: Methodology Feedback and Self-Censorship #46

Episode 46 – Getting – meaningful, non-pretentious usable feedback that can actually help to improve my English courses, this show and the overall learning experience of all my course participants – and other fans of the English Coach Podcast – can be really challenging. 

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Shownotes: English Coach Podcast – Living the Language

Showguest: Guido Erich Fritz Lammers

I’d eventually rationalized it down to perhaps being a cultural thing, and still I asked myself – “Why is it so, and could there be other implications on other things that have nothing to do with me, my practice or my show?”  

That is not a question I would ever attempt to answer fully on my own – so in today’s episode we approach the question from different perspectives – informed chiefly by the wisdom of our experiences.  

Every trainer, teacher coach wants to be inspirational – transformative even – at least sometimes. Well – with all due respect and the highest regard for today’s guest, I would like to dedicate this episode to a few past course participants and guests who have themselves been particularly inspirational – and transformative even to me and / or the show recently. You know yourselves and the names for today are Marko, Benedikt, Ann, Anika, Simone, Louis, Rebecca, Camila, and Gary. Independent and self-sponsored means that I get to extend a world of gratitude to my people – the ones who really matter and mean it. 

Today’s show is a rare random mix of German and English – if you cannot handle it, then maybe this is not one for you. 

With a small win, is always a good way to begin – so without further ado our guest for today – my past course participant and friend Guido. 

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