English Coach Podcast - Living the Language - Episode 28

Conversations with Jennifer Reinecke – Natural Enough : Things that Help – Getting over Fear, Friends, Family, Travel, Reading and the Stage – The Lived Experience #28

Episode 28 – I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful souls over the past few years here in Germany, shared many learning experiences well worth documenting and sharing with others.

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I’ve borne witness to transformations – some from a safe distance, some from close-up – some purely by accident and others by design. This episode is all about framing the adult learning experience – from another perspective. The value of this episode – is that you will quite likely recognise key [aspects] of an exemplary learning journey that are similar to yours. You will recognise attitudes that are also likely to help you – to engineer or stage – your own transformations.

Showguest: Dr. Jennifer Reinecke

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