European Day of Languages – Voice Episode 75

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Show Resumption

Mid September is relative, but I think that there is no better date to resume the show than this – the 26th of September 2022 – European Day of Languages.

The reason for this episode is twofold – it exists to reassure you my few but faithful listeners that as promised, the show running again, AND to announce that on account of the aforementioned developments – if you are a learner of English as a Second Language it will now be easier for you to realize significant improvements in your fluency and confidence with the language starting today.. As usual – no abstract Jack and Jill went up the hill stories and grammar puzzles – but real conversations with real people on real topics – and an opportunity to strategically, purposefully act – towards achieve the sovereignty – in this – perhaps a second language – that some of you are reaching for.

As usual the show is open to for everyone who likes it – many people are just nosey or just like the topics – you are interested in even more compelling topics – you are also free to check out the less conservative little sister to the English Coach Podcast – just check out

So then – After a well-deserved break – and new wind in my sails – you might be asking yourselves how do I do this. How do I start today. How do I also get of these fresh powerful gusts of wind in my own sails… All you have to do is continue listening to the show, and as a first step – go ahead and sign up to get a little more – than what I usually give away to the public media channels. Simply sign up by visiting – and join what I like to call the “Private Listeners’ Group” or if this what you are hearing right now is enough for you – simply subscribe in your favourite podcast player – Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, Amazon, YouTube, Stitcher, wherever (see recommended apps or above) – The show is not hidden behind the gates of anyone’s walled garden – and open to everyone..

Interesting fact – while I am not a linguist – the word voice and the word vote – are in the German language one and the same – “Stimme”. The word “Stimmung” – also appears to be close – and can be translated to mean mood, sentiment, atmosphere, vibe, morale, tune, temperament, disposition, que, feel – among other things… Podcasting is voice and choice, not only mine but also yours. The free media – is a pillar of any functional democracy – to my mind especially independent media like this. Surely this line of thinking is perhaps vulnerable to spirited correction – but it is significant – this day and I always encourage anyone – who has the privilege to find themselves in a place where they are free to express and share their voice in a meaningful way – to do so. This is me a human being talking to you another human being – not some abstraction or ads machine spewing sweet nothings to influence and hijack your time and autonomy – your vote, your money or your “Stimmung” – leaving you feeling drained, inadequate, and disenfranchised… The tradition of independent podcasting that I have followed together with my cat called Kitty for the last three years is an uplifting choice – that I have the liberty to offer to you. A complement to the rich tapestry of other languages, cultures and expressions being celebrated today.

Informal authentic – and inclusive, deliberately personal discourse – on a diversity of topics as they relate to the Adult Learning Experience.

This season promises to be absolutely fantastic!

And as I always say – with a small win, is always a good way to begin. Looking forward to hearing from you and – bye for now.

European Day of Languages

English Coach Podcast – Living the Language – iAntonio

Thanks for listening, looking forward to hearing from you and bye for now. 

Ian Antonio Patterson – ShowHost

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