Finding Your Flow 2a – Conversations with Abba Lang – The X Man #30

Episode 30 – If you are learning a language to talk to People – talk to people. If you are learning a language to do something with it – do something with it.

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In the words of previous guests on the stage of life – use the stage to get over the stage. This episode of the English Coach Podcast – the second in the Poetry Series – is self-sponsored – and takes my usual relaxed, accessible, human approach – to your learning experience.

Showguest: Abba LangWorks


In all my years as a trainer of English to adults there are three people in particular who stand out, for the reason that they became competent users of the language by listening to and occupying themselves with pop music, hip-hop music and reggae music – respectively. My rather relaxed friend Flavio, #FlavioPragmatico also said so – I tend to believe, so listen out for his learned pragmatic lingo on many an upcoming show.

Again my aim is to encourage you – to use all the tools at hand – ranging from independent media like this, human interaction, formal and informal training, coaching, paper notebooks, language-apps, art, gaming, personal hobbies, reading, relationships,  – that all help to enrich your overall language learning experience. SEE Article – DIY – Englisch – DE

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