Anna Royon Weigelt - English Coach Podcast - Living the Language #33

Language and Cultural Fluidity: The Dance with our Different Selves #33

Episode 33 – Today is actually a one in a lifetime event =) It’s the third season of the English Coach Podcast, and this show is just getting over celebrating its second sweet sixteen.

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Showguest: Intercultural Consultant, Coach and Moderator: Anna Royon WeigeltWorks: Respea | LinkedIn

Als interkulturelle Beraterin, Coach und Moderatorin arbeite ich auf der Beziehungsebene: eine Dimension, die im Alltagsgeschäft oft implizit und unsichtbar bleibt, bis “der Schuh drückt”.”

We have just discovered that here might be life on Venus and that the Sun is exploding in new and interesting ways.

Sybille von Spitzen and Flavio Pragmatico – my two favorite helpers on the show have finally met – and this Episode 33 rings in the countdown to October FIRST, where I intend to re-release my new and improved learning spaces.

We’ll all be called to adapt to keep pace these days, and “Business as usual” is becoming more and more an oxymoron – and for the purpose of this Episode 33 – we look at what [I] like to call cultural fluidity. We converse with the rather daring idea – of accepting the different personalities (so to speak) that constitute the whole person in all of us and about recognizing all of them – individually – perhaps as its own unique asset.  

The publishing of today’s episode is a week late with good reason I do apologies for that. It does however promise a particularly rich conversation – that captures the essence of insight shared – between friends dear I say – all in keeping with the free authentic spirit of independent Podcasting. This Episode of the English Coach Podcast – like all the rest takes my usual relaxed accessible human approach – to your learning experience.

So what’s in it for you?!

Today we look at myths – around using a shared language and examples of where in real life – things can in fact go wrong as a result of larger cultural differences.

We explore specific instances – of using something that is usually seen as an uncomfortable challenge, instead as an opportunity to improve, an opportunity not only to inform but to also to communicate – and get what YOU want.

We agree that awareness of all these factors could go on to reduce the stresses of remote work.

Notions of perfection sometimes haunt the adult learner of a foreign language – and who knows it better than who lives it? Today we get down to the meat of it and you might even be able to infer for yourself – the extent to which – certain preferred measure of perfection may be nothing more than purely pretentious – or at best in real life – non-existent. 

Today it’s all about personal opinions to be clear. None of us is speaking for any interests or organisations unknown – ever mindful we are of our own natural rights [understood] – to shape our own contexts and hypotheses subjectively with questions rather than answers – in a non-judgemental and non-moralizing way. AND the right to simply change our minds.

This has always been my personal preferred approach because everyone – I suspect has – for whatever values they choose to uphold – their own good reason.

Today we also talk about natural biases, power distance, Persian rugs and flying chairs.

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