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The Language of Job Interviews: on Roles, Coaching and Performance – part 1 of 2 part talk #50

Episode 50 – It is with great pride and a well placed sense of achievement – dare I say, that I am able to publish this the last episode of Season 3 of the English Coach Podcast. As a Trainer and Coach of English Language for work I would be hard pressed to find a more fitting theme for today’s talk – the full of richness of which must be presented to you in two parts. The next will feature in Season 4 – Follow the show.

Ian Antonio Patterson – 2021

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A seasoned practitioner in dance, artistic director and producer of theatrical works, performance coach, award winning actor and the current director of Arts and Culture at Jamaica’s own University of Technology – shares with us in the upcoming episode. We talk about roles as they relate to the job interview and enter into what I would call seminal discourse from our lens – on the approach towards establishing equitable recognizable standards for Jamaican Dance Genre.

Showguest: Philip Clarke – Professional website  

Ein erfahrener Praktiker im Tanz, künstlerischer Leiter und Produzent von Theaterstücken, Performance-Coach, preisgekrönter Schauspieler und derzeitiger Direktor für Kunst und Kultur an der University of Technology Jamaica – teilt mit uns in zwei kommenden Episoden. Wir sprechen über Rollen, wie sie sich auf das Vorstellungsgespräch beziehen und treten in einen, wie ich es nennen würde, zukunftsträchtigen Diskurs ein – über den Ansatz, klar erkennbare Standards für das jamaikanische Tanzgenre zu etablieren. 

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