Episode 23 SURVIVING it – Shaping Your New Normal – Unexpected Positives arising from the current situation – as at May 2020.

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We all find ourselves in the middle of an interesting and rather challenging time. None of us knows for sure what the future will bring. I am a trainer of adults, podcaster and a photography enthusiast, and I have chosen to use my media to accentuate the positive. We all need a little community right now.

The aim of this – independent podcast is as always the same – to offer the occasional lesson, hopefully a bit of insight and inspiration, through stories, useful context – and conversation. The Podcast is for, anyone looking to learn, improve or most importantly to keep their language skills by inviting YOU to experience immersion into the language through engagement with real things and real people – right here and right now.

In today’s Episode we listen to the diverse insights of – Anja, Jennifer, Christian, Dominika, Philip and Mark – a direct follow-up to my request in the previous Episode 21 – and I am ever grateful to all of them for sharing. (my views)

“Surviving it” series


English Coach - Podcast Living the Language - Episode 23

Dr. Anja C Wagner – Works >> [  | ]

English Coach - Podcast Living the Language - Episode 23

Dr Jennifer Reinecke

English Coach - Podcast Living the Language - Episode 23

Dr Christian Reinecke – Works

English Coach - Podcast Living the Language - Episode 23

Dominika Otlewska-Dräger – FacultyWorks

English Coach - Podcast Living the Language - Episode 23

Dr. Mark Jacob – Faculty

English Coach - Podcast Living the Language - Episode 23

Philip Zilfo – Works

the realness – special feature – courtesy of philip zilfo

My Lens – as at May 3, 2020

Alright now since we’re coming to the end, I think it would be unfair to not mention the things that I see as the unexpected positives arising from the crisis.
But first – I wanna take this opportunity again – to thank all the – generous souls who were brave enough to share with us today. Let it be known that I always do proper justice to my guests. There’s much more to these individuals, and they are themselves as real as it gets, so please be sure, to check out their credentials in the shownotes for this episode.
It’s not the easiest thing to willingly – run the risk of appearing to some perhaps, to be taking an unyielding position in changing times – to publishing reflections to the scrutiny and device of mass public media. To run the risk of coming across as moralising or as if you are in some way the source of all answers – when that is not at all the intention. For the record, nothing here is cast in stone – and we all have permission to change our perspectives especially now with the changing times.
I did not want this to be all about me – It never has been, and this is why I always invite positive constructive contributions from everyone who wants to give meaning to their sentiments. I always encourage my listeners acknowledge the subjectivity of this discourse – and to check other sources. I also want to categorically state that while we do in fact share a single stage today – there is no automatic endorsement of any views here expressed by any party involved.
My views are as follows.

I think that Nothing brings people together better than a shared crisis. I cannot speak for everywhere, but there is a greater sense of solidarity on the streets.

A better Sense and proportion as to the things we need, and the things we don’t.

We have a better grasp of what essential means not only in terms of consumption generally, but also services – the performance of nurses, postal workers, truck drivers, care givers – and all these people who we sometimes take for granted… the list is endless.

We all have a better idea now of the value of the service that teachers provide. This is not necessarily all about me – I am a Trainer of adults – Right now I’m talking about the people who educate, and tolerate all sorts of things from our children – daily – while we work. These sentiment is echoed again and again – still budgets for education globally it appears – are always shortened – one is left to ask could that be by accident or by design.

Whatever the case we all have a better idea now – not only how essential the service is to the system – but also of what ignorance or simply lack of education can cause – as we can all now be touched equally and in a real way by someone who is in this context – less educated than they could be. Maybe our attitudes will change for the better.

We can work with each other. Even among tech giants – Apple and Google – arch rivals are as we speak working together on proximity tracking technology – in support of the crisis. There are some interesting issues of privacy that are being called out yes – but that is beyond the scope of this episode. .

There is enough welfare in the world to give something back to the people. And this doesn’t just go for the Governments, but also the Private Sector – Just Look at all the free stuff that is being given away now. Where did it all come from we might ask? We will all have a better sense of perspective going forward.

We now have an indisputable example of what exactly we can avoid by having a little more respect for the natural world.

The air is cleaner. Less – less pollution. There is of course the risk that levels of pollution and the like will go up more even more after all of this – when the “deniably predatory” drive of industry and rampant consumerism find their form again. We’ve always had problems understanding what environmental consciousness is worth, now we know what a lack thereof can cost.

On a lighter note – we can learn from others – there are others in the world who have been through similar things. We can use the time to reflect, rediscover lost talents, and try out new things. I for one am increasing my own internet presence. Full power with the whole gamut of my media engagement. This Podcast is a part of it – The initiative started about a year ago…

I have been an online trainer for a long time, officially since 2014 to be exact. IT’S ACTUALLY A LITTLE SAD that it took a crisis to get some people to see that the approaches work, and It’s no secret, that the online / remote Training Approach has for years – endured it’s fair share of rejection, ridicule or even scorn in some spheres. I think it is good – that remote Training approaches will now – perhaps – enjoy a little less resistance and a little more credibility going forward.

Last but not least, there was a time when I almost took it personally – or as another friend put it – I cared too much about the fact that people seemed to use social media only for rubbish. I also ranted a lot about how people use emojis – in retrospect however they are essential supplements to remote communication – in the absence of body language, gestures and the like. I think that now more of us have a better idea of what the internet is worth – how essential it is – and the higher values that we can use its capabilities to articulate.

So there we have it, take from it what you will. Again thank all the generous individuals who’ve shared their insights with us today. As always – this show draws from what I like to call “The Lived Experience”… None of us is a virologist – but all of us are normal REAL, living breathing accessible and unpretentious human beings – sharing a bit from their own “Lived Experience”.
Still – Don’t just take our words for it…..

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English Coach - Podcast Living the Language - Episode 23