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Why i Do It #54

Episode 54 – of the English Coach Podcast takes yet another playful authentic approach. Today’s episode is published in celebration of diversity and inclusion in the month of June. The only thing I have to say to that here – is that if for any reason you feel excluded from anyone’s stage – make your own. As a Trainer and Coach of English Language for Work – the goal that I have given to myself here is to enrich the adult learning experience with real conversations, real themes and experiences of real people – in a fun and interesting way. There is somewhere else for grammar puzzles.

Ian Antonio Patterson – 2021

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As an English Teacher, Trainer, Coach, my aim is to encourage you – to use all the tools at hand – ranging from independent media like this, human interaction, formal and informal training, coaching, paper notebooks, language-apps, art, gaming, personal hobbies, reading, relationships  – that all help to enrich your overall language learning experience. SEE Article – DIY – Englisch – DE

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