English Coach Podcast - Living the Language - Episode 80

Teaching, Training, Coaching – and notions of the Perfect Love

Episode 80

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ShowGuest: Uwe Müller, Kfz Schlosser, Kfz Ingenieur, Pädagogik und Schulleitung

In this episode we begin to explore love, through the lens of being seen, respected and in some contexts idolized. A perspective that posits the self as the source of pivotal reflection – acceptance of self, modesty, and articulating proportionate poise in the knowledge of, and gratitude for the perfect imperfection that defines us – in just as much as it defines others.

But how is satisfaction with oneself really perceived by others – and to what extent is it accepted or frowned on in private, professional, and socio-economic circles?

We discuss self-reflection, its impact on the expression of authority, and earning respect within this context through choosing, shaping, and conveying your own values with enough humility to accept critic. Fatherliness and its effect on the teaching practice is broached, together with its influence on how love plays out within a constellation of strict rules.

All from the wisdom of our own experiences, we look at recruiting help when needed, and moving towards find help or solutions together, even from a place of authority – which then prepares us for part two in this series of conversations – approaching the “Language of Power”.

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Thanks for listening, looking forward to hearing from you and bye for now. 

Ian Antonio Patterson – ShowHost, Trainer Coach

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