English Coach Podcast - Living the Language - Episode 81

The Devilish Child

Episode 81

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ShowGuest: Angelika Hansen

How can your story stand out against that of the typical everyday influencer, and do you want that at all? What are the benefits and value of expressing your own voice humbly as it may – within a public forum? And who is this proverbial devilish child?

It’s a short one today but if you are interested – do stick around to find out… This episode today is only a small part of another ( Life is Feeling – Counting the Ways – Episode 8 ) and offers perspective on the notion of “influencer” vs. “inspirator” and what these terms mean to some people. It explores the act of pursuing self-improvement – through one particular creative endeavour – and sharing of these – generously in a non-pretentious and non-moralizing way.

“I love to be out in the world, over the years I’ve written 4 books about my experiences – one of them twice, first in German, then in English: “Begegnung mit dem Schamanen/ Encounter with the Shaman“, followed by “Sundance“; and “Nur Mut” ”- all of them first person accounts, and generally positive.” Angeliks Hansen – 26.11.2022

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Thanks for listening, looking forward to hearing from you and bye for now. 

Ian Antonio Patterson – ShowHost, Trainer Coach

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