English Coach Podcast - Living the Language - Episode 85

Fasting, Feasting – and some major changes affecting both my shows – Episode #85

Episode 85

Ian Antonio Patterson again – coming to you for another extra ordinary episode. There are essentially three things that I want to say today – which include some important changes regarding how I do my shows also in response to the rise of Ai among other things, how you are invited to interact with the show, and last but by no means least an invitation to you to join me – on a most unusually uplifting, journey of discipline, and self-healing.

Training-Event / Lernveranstaltung

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English Coach Podcast – Living the Language – iAntonio

Thanks for listening, looking forward to hearing from you and bye for now. 

Ian Antonio Patterson – ShowHost, Trainer Coach

Sustainable Language Acquisition = Nachhaltiger Spracherwerb.

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