English Coach Podcast - Living the Language - Episode 82

Diversity is as Diversity Does – for World Day for Cultural Diversity: #82

Episode 82

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Diversity is as Diversity does.

I put it to you personally – what image comes to mind when you hear words like diversity and inclusion? Did you realize that you can also quickly become a minority in many ways – one example is when you are the only one who speaks with a strange accent.

The English Coach Podcast is still about enriching the adult learning experience, in a fun and inclusive way – especially through featuring exemplary true to life conversations with real people and activities. Sometimes however the nature of the topics sidesteps the realm of adult education in the traditional sense, and for that reason I have also started “Life is Feeling – Counting the Ways” – that invites listeners to take a moment to be awake to the world, to explore diverse values attitudes and experiences, that help us to think more critically more inclusively – and to help us make better sense of life through different lenses.

“ism” schisms..

I love Independent Podcasting – that’s why I have been doing it since 2019.

If you are living in a place that allows you the freedom to share your voice globally – use it wisely. And use the media (and access) at hand to UPLIFT others. As an English trainer and a self-styled pragmatic student of human behaviour and the world – I can tell you that the need to address “diversity” as a thing and “inclusion” stems from “isims” of all kinds, that we create to express status, and entitlement to privilege and resources over others. Bob Marley aptly called them “isim schisms”. There are many such words, some of which I have also been known to carry around… Not so much any more. Any word ending with the suffix “ism” speaks to a willingness to exclude and disregard an entire ‘other’ group. That’s not what I am about here there or anywhere. (Follow-up series on “isms” in sister show – Life is Feeling – Counting the Ways – Series here)

Naturally we are all free to decide for ourselves what we are against, as I am mostly against all “isms” – but one thing that I am for is “equality” as an ideal – without the need to talk about it too much – but by simply living a reality that I imagine – that is why I run my shows the way I do.

Diversity is as Diversity does.

Guests featured on my shows are from – Jamaica, Germany, Sweden, Afghanistan, Netherlands, the Ukraine, UK, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, France, Russia, Canada, Ghana, India, the Philippines, Greece, North Korea, Guatemala, to name a few..

Professions featured, include Teachers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs of all flavour, Engineers, Medical Doctors, other Doctors, Students, Software developers, Musicians, Authors – the list goes on…

As you might have guessed – I am very proud of my shows, and I am happy to be able to share it with you. As usual, feel free to use the feedback channels that are available on both my show pages.

www.LifeisFeeling.com or www.EnglishCoachPodcast.com

If you like what you heard – the only thing I would ask you to do is to share it with a friend.

Coffee: Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

English Coach Podcast – Living the Language – iAntonio

Thanks for listening, looking forward to hearing from you and bye for now. 

Ian Antonio Patterson – ShowHost, Trainer Coach

Sustainable Language Acquisition = Nachhaltiger Spracherwerb.






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