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One for the Men – Three Years in the Kitty #78

Reflective Interludes – 2019 to 2022

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Funk Soul Brother from Berlin, accomplished performing artist and father of one as far as I know – Abba Lang – talking about the joys of teaching and parallels with stage performance. Our conversations on the aforementioned topics is directly followed by a Freestyle improvisation recorded in studio. (Previous Publication | Abba Lang Works | on Instagram.)

The next interlude features Professor Doctor David Sarpong – articulates true to life instances of microstoria – and its relevance in our lives. David is a past study colleague of mine, and he was our featured guest in episode 65.

Director of Arts and Culture at the esteemed University of Technology Jamaica, and fellow podcaster Philip Clarke – then takes the stage. Philip was guest in Episodes 19, 50 and 52 – and I was guest on his podcast – that I would also invite you to check out for yourself at “Philip Clarke’s Lights Camera Real Life” – Episode 8 published on November 5th and available on Spotify – (Google)

Gary Lim featured in Episode 40, where he also spoke about the things that helped him as a learner of English as a second language.

Directly afterwards – Author, Musician, and esteemed guest more times over – Andy Beck – in his excerpt for this episode talks a little about Bob Marley, passivism, and inclusiveness – as well as his adult learning experience. Andy Beck was guest on episodes 39 and 32 and was the creator of the jingle (for the English Coach Podcast – Living the Language).

Software Developer and Entrepreneur from the Ukraine – Sasha Bondar – shares with us some secrets to surviving – working from home. Sasha was our guest for Episode 20. I think that it was in the autumn of 2019 when he said to me, that I should stop planning my podcast and just start it… and that in retrospect I would be glad I did, now here – today – true to his words I am indeed happy I did. Sasha’s interlude is significant for many reasons. As you all know by now this is an independent podcast, self-sponsored – which means I am not singing anyone’s song here but my own. I have been lucky enough to witness the rise of the internet, and remember the days when there was none.  Media generally and especially independent media as an ideal – is a pillar of any modern democracy. Many things are illustrated in this interlude, and it still breaks my heart to see how many people who have access to it do not use it to share uplifting messages, but on the contrary – mostly rubbish.. I like a little pop too – but the privilege – to be able to put positive messages into the world is not one afforded to all – and I would implore anyone who has the means – to do the same, while being mindful of people in this modern world who cannot.

Following Sasha’s interlude, we have Leontes aka – Mr Henriquez from Episode 71, where he illustrates a method of measuring language learning progress – within a larger Dynamic System.

Shownotes Exclusives – Dance Performances

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  • English Coach Podcast - Living the Language - Ian Antonio Patterson
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The English Coach Podcast – never intentionally takes a prescriptive, patronizing, or condescending stance to the adult learning experience, but is rather driven by inclusiveness – of people, approaches, personal experiences thoughts and ideas. This show episode is neither a formal lesson nor a substitute for such but aims to supplement the adult learning experience in a true-to-life way. The show is independent and self-sponsored – brought to you by me – a practicing language Trainer / Coach – and draws on a whole gamut of tools and tips in support of providing information, entertainment and what I like to call sustainable language acquisition in an authentic, relatable, and vastly collaborative – human way.

English Coach Podcast – Living the Language – iAntonio

Thanks for listening, looking forward to hearing from you and bye for now. 

Ian Antonio Patterson – ShowHost

Sustainable Language Acquisition = Nachhaltiger Spracherwerb.

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